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A Distant Fate Ch. 4  
11:13pm 28/07/2009
A/n: I do not own these characters or worlds.
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Now on.

                                   Chapter four: The Lost Boys

                      Peter and Rufeio stared at each other. Emerald to Black, his Sharingan had faded after Peter had surprised him. There was no malice or anger in this stare. Just a curiosity. A gut feeling, like they were destined to meet or like they could accomplish amazing feats together

“So.... Who else is here?” the former Uchilla questioned.

Peter laughed, then yelled at the top of his voice, green eyes sparkling.

“Get outta bed you lazy orphan maggots!”

The sound of creaking beds and slamming doors was deafening. A horde of young male voices rose to the heavens. Neverland itself awoke and stirred, the sun rising high, the birds singing.


A small mousey haired youth ran forward. He was the smallest boy, but was not bothered by it, or rather the magic of Neverland would not allow it.

“Lost Boys,” Peter paused, waiting for the catcalls to die down.

“This is Rufeio.”

Rufeio’s pale face grew slightly pink as all eyes turned upon him. The smallest boy stepped forward.

“I’m Matty, you hungry Rufeio?”

Rufeio nodded and began to follow Matty toward the center of the trees. Peter whispered near silent jokes behind Rufeio’s back, pretending to blush hard. The Forest shook with the Lost Boy’s mirth.
                          In the middle of the child tree homes stands a large, magical oak table. Pan and the Lost boys live here for a reason. Around the place the ancient oak tree had stood long ago. The table cut most of the room in half, at the lower end a kitchen was located. It was buried under an old log, hiding it from the skies. Peter sat at one end. Rufeio on his left and a bored looking dark-haired youth that went by James. James was the most recent Lost Boy, next to Rufeio. His sleek black hair was pulled back at the nape of his neck. Peter grinned at them both. James had a reserved look of disinterest, he picked at his pretend food.
                James sat at the great oak table, while it appeared that he was play eating like the rest of the lost boys, he was really watching Rufeio out of the corner of his eye. Something about the pale boy with red in his hair made James feel like they had met before. After several moments of pondering, James gasped, and before his eyes flashed a memory so deep, for a moment Neverland faded, he had been in a city. A huge city, all the dwellings were connected by wire. Back then he was not James, but Shikamaru Nara.   (Flashback!)
                        ‘Shikamaru did not have an unhappy life, he was just a bored child. He was eight and snoozing in the park. He had been thinking about the meaning of life, when unseen by him, an obsidian globe began rising out of his chest. Shikamaru’s eyes flew open. His pale hands groped at his quivering chest. The orb floated nose level with the frightened young man. Shikamaru could see deep in the orb’s reflection, it showed his own wide eyes. The extension of his being floated up and up. As if Shikamaru was bound by an invisible chain, he was lifted high in the sky past the second star on the left.’
                       Shikamaru flinched, “Huh?”
Peter was gazing curiously at the now sputtering James. Rufeio had not even batted an eyelid, but one thin eyebrow was arched.

End: Chapter 4

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Next time, Chapter Five: Ginny
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