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A Distant Fate Ch. 2  
01:32am 28/07/2009
A/n: For copyright info look at chapter one.
Now..... For chapter 2


                                          Chapter two: Sasuke decided

               It was the middle of summer and the Village Hidden in the Leaves was dry and warm. In the middle of town where the ruin lay, where the police had once ruled. The Uchilla District was still and mournful. An eight year old Sasuke stood in the middle of the dead street. He barely even blinked or took a breath.
A small voice in his head told him brooding was bad. Sasuke agreed. He should not do this, yet day after day he is drawn back to the spot where his life melted from him. The chalk outline of bodies had yet to be faded. The dark eyed youth wiped the sweat on his brow. A buzzing sound swept with the light summer wind. It’s melancholy melody filled the ears of the heir of fire. All of his misery floated to the front of his mind, the loss of his clan was more than devastating, it made him the most alone kid in the universe. As he looked at the now smokey blueish light bouncing off the sidewalk, for a fleeting instant he knew. To follow this light, that now was popping before his eyes, would solve everything. As weird as it may sound, it was a primal instinct, not to be ignored.
          A low voice whispered in the sunlight;

“You must think, no believe something happy, then you may be granted paradise and the right to be born again.”

 A being appeared, she was a fairy. Her hair was a glossy chocolate brown. Her grey eyes were heavy lidded, her cheekbones high. Her name was Bella. Bella’s clothes were more reveling than Tinkerbell’s, but Bella was not nearly as beautiful. Her small black tank had only one strap, and her black skirt was short and jagged. She wore no shoes. Sasuke stared at this tiny girl in disbelief.

“You are meant for great things. You must come with me...”

Bella’s voice was low and seductive.

“How?” the boy asked.

She looked annoyed, but in an attractive way.

“I already told you think happy thoughts.”

Sasuke’s eyes sank closed, he remembered when he had mastered his first fire jutsu*, just months ago. How Sasuke’s father had been so proud, even stating.....

“That’s my boy.”

Just as he had always wanted, the same as his older brother....


Sasuke yelled as he shot up ten feet off the ground. The gut feeling was so strong Sasuke was feeling a little ill. Everything began to blur as he followed the light up and up until it finally went black as Sasuke glided toward the horizon. Much to the shock of a whiskered blonde. In the darkness of his mind Sasuke came to the thought,

“This feels right.”

That was all his stressed mind needed as, Sasuke’s conscious slipped he felt the soft ground of leaves under his feet. His head felt so light it was as if it could just come off and drift away, just like the memories of pain. The young Uchilla smiled as he drifted off to sleep. He was not disturbed until the shine of light met his mind.

End: Chapter 2

If not, tell a friend.
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* Fireball ninja technique

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