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A Distant Fate Ch. 1  
01:25am 28/07/2009
A/n: Harry Potter Belongs to J.K. Rowling
Peter Pan belongs to Disney
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
This is a work of fiction, I use the Characters to do my bidding. This is the ultimate epic crossover. With ninja skills and magic alike, without further ado....

Chapter one : Harry and the Fairy

                       Harry Potter had not had an easy life, that was apparent. Even at the age of two, Harry was lonely and miserable. The cupboard under the stairs were not the ideal place to grow up, and the young lad often cried while alone. On a slow raining morning, when Harry was four, he was gazing out the window with a misery that could be felt throughout the neighborhood of Privet Drive. The young Potter looked out into the picking up storm, when a low mournful buzzing sang in the small boy’s ears. Harry’s green eyes lost their sad look and now held small amount of fear. A dancing light jumped from wall to wall, with blue streaks flowing after it almost like smoke. What appeared to be a small lightning bug landed softly beside Harry.
                      His green eyes looked down carefully through the black rimmed glasses he wore and saw her for the first time. She was a fairy that was certain. The young Potter’s small mouth fell open as he exhaled a audible gasp. Her red hair was pulled tight against her tiny neck. All of her features were so small, but still beautiful. The fairy’s eyes were light brown with green in them. Her maroon dress was torn a bit but still fully covered her. Harry’s shock began to wear off and he began to feel curious. He knelt on the ground beside her slowly, like someone would do with a mean dog. Bit by bit, he knelt until he was sitting right next to her.

“What is your name?” The winged girl said.

“Harry, what’s yours?

“Hi Harry, I’m Tink or Tinkerbell.”

She smiled brightly, Harry could not help but to return it.

                      Tink had been cruising the orphanage circuit around London, looking for children who had been abandoned, who would not be missed if they were taken to her home. In reality she had ben looking for the chosen ones, the ones who would bring balance to her world. She had no luck until she decided to leave London. Tinkerbell had just began flying south from the city when she felt a wave-like, crushing sensation. The feeling of despair was so great the very air grew thick with it. Tink almost fell out off the sky when the crash hit her heart. It was a child, she knew, and very important if you believe in fate. Tink closed her small hazel eyes and relaxed her worried mind. She began digging, reaching for the source of such sadness. The fairy tuned out every adult mind she came across.
“Grown ups....Always full of misery....”

Tinkerbell’s brain tuned into an area in Britain know as Little Whinging, Surrey.
                         Green eyes gazed into hazel.
“So, Harry.... Why are you so sad?”

Harry paused....

“I don’t have anyone, no one would care if I disappeared for ever and ever....”

That was exactly what Tink wanted to hear. She grinned and launched herself into the air. Tinkerbell swirled around Harry, covering him with golden dust.

“Come with me Harry. We will care for you, we will be your new family.”

Harry’s smile was so bright Tink closed her eyes for a beat, then she opened them quick, staring at Harry expectantly.

“Just toss open the window, and We’ll be long gone.”

Harry opened the window with no hesitation what so ever. Off the duo flew, to the land of lost little boys who never want to grow up.

End Chapter 1.

Some time passes.......

Well what do you think?
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