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A Distant Fate Ch. 5  
12:29am 30/07/2009
A/n: I am making no money off of this.
These characters do not belong to me.
Now, for a surprise twist!

                               Chapter five: Ginny discovers

                                 Ginny Weasley was seven. Her dark red hair flowed a good bit past her slim shoulders. Light orange freckles were sprinkled across her sleight nose. Ginny had a rich and happy existence, but last summer something had happened that changed her young life forever. A thin boy with striking green eyes had climbed into her window. ‘Peter’ had taken her to Neverland for one amazing month, Ginny knew this because she had recalled everything, day for day. She had been having the time of her life, until homesickness overtook her. The youngest Weasley had returned home, telling Peter Pan to forget Ginny or ‘ginger-snap’ as he’d called her. Then she flew home. Much to her surprise and horror, less than one day had passed. No one had known she had gone.
                                That’s the thing about Neverland’s magic. Time was always altering, always stretching from none-existence to super accelerate, all in an instant, but only to suit Neverland’s desires. At this moment it only wanted to ensure Ginny would come back. Now, as this young girl sobbed, Neverland was working it’s magic, combining it with fate and destiny.  Ginny had left Peter, to come back to a home that didn’t miss her. Just when her entire being screamed to go to Neverland, there was a tapping on the door.
                                Molly Weasley entered on the third tap.

“Ginny? Are you in here... Ginny! What’s wrong dear?”

Molly sat beside her daughter. She grabbed Ginny by both shoulders.

“Ginny, tell me what’s the matter?”

“Oh mum, I went to Neverland!”

Molly’s face paled under her freckles.

“But, I thought they were all dead....!” Molly whispered

“You knew Peter!” Ginny screamed.

Molly thought for a moment.

“I don’t think we know the same person, the Peter I knew died before I went to Hogwarts forty years ago.” Mrs. Weasley finished with a bitter smile.

‘Molly was nine and a spitting image of Ginny. A young boy with auburn hair had flown in her window, claiming he had lost his shadow. She had given the boy a fake name, just to keep her family safe from this ‘loon’, as she had called him.
“Wendy....” she said, then to her surprise Peter took her to Neverland. Everything had gone well until a pirate had attacked their forest home. Peter had died in the flames, using all his power to send Molly back to her own world. Doing so, the former Pan had lost the chance to defend himself. The last image Molly had of Peter Pan was his body burning to a crisp, his screams had penetrated her dreams for many years.

“Go back to them Ginny, I’ll leave you alone now.”

Molly left swiftly. Ginny blinked owlishly, then began wishing with all her might that she was in Neverland. She thought so hard, her magic began seeping out of her like a bloody wound. Though, she did not see, an orb was forming at her core. It wrapped around her, something in the young girl’s mind shifted, and she shot up into the air. She fazed right through the ceiling. She went so fast, the very universe slipped past her rushing ears.
                                 Ginny hit the ground with a THUD! The air smelled salty. Her eyes peaked open. The red-head squealed in delight, until she realized she was on a pirate ship, surrounded by pirates. The ship of sea and cloud was half hidden in inky darkness. The deck was cut cleanly in two by shadow.

“What’s your name Lil’ girl?”

A pirate with silver spiked hair and an eye patch had spoken. Ginny thought hard.

“Jane....Jane Wilson.”

The sailor with one eye exposed, immediately turned to the bottom corner of the ship.

“Hullo Jane.” Hook said as he came out from the shadow.

End Chapter 3.

Nice twist eh?

Next time:
Chapter 6: The Story of Hook
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