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A Distant Fate Ch. 3  
01:33am 28/07/2009
A/n: None of these characters belong to me. Look at chapter one for more detail
Hope your enjoying so far! Now on.....

                 Chapter three: Neverland

                              Sasuke Uchilla hurt, all over. His legs shook in the tall, green grass. He had passing memories of his life as a Uchilla, as an academy ninja, but nothing was very clear, like it had occurred in a dream or in another life. Turning his head he tried to clear his foggy mind.

‘This is it’

The chance to start over, to forget the horror that had been plaguing his every hour. This was his chance to let go forever, to give up on revenge, to continue on with his existence. He really did not have a choice in the matter. Everything about Neverland made you heal, made you forget. He chose to start anew. Sasuke took a deep breath, exhaling the now faded memories.

“Now I must think up a name for myself...”

                              At that moment Sasuke gave up his Uchilla inheritance. A deep red orb was forming on his chest, then disconnected, floated high into the air. It went into Neverland itself, right into the very fabric of matter. Sasuke gasped, his eyes popping. The color of his eyes had become blood red, with one extra pupil in his right eye, taking the shape of a comma. His Sharingan** had awakened. What had happened, though the Uchilla had not known, was his pureblood power had been absorbed into Neverland’s vast network of magic and mystic. Bits of red shards began flying toward his limbs and his eyes. Sasuke had been rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. His once all raven hair had become intermitted with a deep shade of maroon.


He said with a smirk.* Rufeio took more uneasy steps. He began to circle the area like a lost animal. His new home was stunningly beautiful, the flowers were in bloom, the grass was kissed by the morning dew. The sun was just emerging shining throughout the island.

                           High in the trees there was what appeared to be crudely made huts. The whole area looked like a tree house advertisement, with little windows and slabs of wood that made doors. Snores from high above filled the wood. Even the mermaids in the lakes knew when the lost boys were asleep or awake. Rufeio took a large step, and misjudged the strength of the log he just stepped in. He went tumbled down to the soft soil with a Crunch!! Startled green eyes snapped open. Harry Potter was no longer four, he was eight and had no memory of his aunt, uncle, and cousin. All he knew now was that he was special. He could do things others could not, he could make things float, light fires, even harden his skin to resist a sword tip. Something deep inside him stirred. He thought back...(Flashback!!!)
                         ‘It was last year, he only knew because of the weather and because of the three inches he had grown since. He was in Hook’s ship, trying to defeat the fiend of the world, to stop the ever increasing raids. Harry ducked and jumped, evading Hook’s sword. The pirate snarled and looked down his crooked nose, down at this messy-haired menace some called a boy. He was fast, so fast that the pirate could not land a glancing blow. Hook grimaced and drew out a vile from his robes. He threw it at Harry’s feet, at this new Pan. It smashed, the glass melted instantly and Harry’s feet were now covered in green slop. Harry slid on the goop right toward Hook’s blade. The pirate grinned a nasty smile as he thrust toward Harry. But before the sword got within an inch of his skin, a hot round feeling began forming in his stomach. A golden orb had formed on his chest, then spread across his skin. The sword bounced off with a Clang! Harry moved his own dagger up toward Hook’s wrist, hence the name. Harry Potter no longer went by this name. He became known as Peter. Peter Pan.
                            Rufeio climbed swiftly off the ground, he dove under the nearest bush faster than eyesight could follow. His dark eyes probing for any sign of movement. They fell at the nearest tree house. It was bigger than the rest and higher in the tree-tops.
Silently Peter landed at Rufeio’s flank. Rufeio flinched and whirled around. Green eyes met black. Peter smiled, his emerald eyes sparkling.
“Hello. Who are you?”

Rufeio smirked with an air of cockiness.


He enunciated with his cold velvet voice. Peter Pan, formally known as Harry Potter smiled,

“I’m Peter. Welcome to Neverland!”

End Chapter 3

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Next time:
Chapter 4: The lost boys
*Sasuke will now be known as Rufeio(?) Is this spelled right?/        
** “Sharingan” is Sasuke’s kekki-genki or bloodline limit. For more info refer to the manga “Naruto” by Masashi Kishimoto.

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