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Akasuki Rising  
03:37pm 06/11/2009
I know I normally post fan fiction here but..... I recently won, that's right like got for free, a copy of Akasuki Rising for the psp. I have to say it was addictive and really fun. The similarities between Rising and Uzumaki Chronicles 2 were evident. The screen shots I had seen had me worried that the graphics were under-par, but I was surprised. They were just fine I would give it about a 7.
It was the story line that got me hooked though. It was so much fun, I spent hours in the forest just fighting bandits. The real treat was getting to play as Akasuki members. My absolute favorite was Deidara! All those clay bombs!! lol I love it. SO story mode gets a 8.5
The controls were great! I loved how you can block with the same button you attack with. hahaha I power owned.

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A Distant Fate Ch. 6  
09:43pm 08/08/2009
A/n: Please review people!
Chapters will come fast if you do
Oh, and I do not own these characters.
Now, Hook’s true identity!

                                        Chapter six: The story of Hook

                              The notorious captain stepped out of the void.

“So, Miss Wilson,”      he paused for effect.  

Captain Hook’s long, black, wavy hair swayed in the slight breeze. His robes were dark and swept behind him like a cape. Hook’s face was pale, his nose crooked and his eyes were the darkest in Neverland.

“Why are you here in Never, Neverland?”

Hook gazed at this small girl, he knew she was involved with Pan. He had seen her. The dusk colored eyes seemed to see past the young girl’s every resistance.

(Inside Ginny’s mind)

                     Hook could see Jane leaving Neverland, back to her family. Ginny began to fight back hard, her fingertips began to cut into her palms. Fight as she may, Hook pushed aside useless memories and came to rest at Ginny’s talk with her Mother.

 “I don’t think we know the same person, the Peter I knew died before I went to Hogwarts forty years ago.” Mrs. Weasley finished with a bitter smile.

‘Molly was nine and a spitting image of Ginny. A young boy with auburn hair had flown in her window, claiming he had lost his shadow. She had given the boy a fake name, just to keep her family safe from this ‘loon’, as she had called him.
“Wendy....” she said, then to her surprise Peter took her to Neverland. Everything had gone well until a pirate had attacked their forest home. Peter had died in the flames, using all his power to send Molly back to her own world. Doing so, the former Pan had lost the chance to defend himself. The last image Molly had of Peter Pan was his body burning to a crisp, his screams had penetrated her dreams for many years.

                       A swirling breeze swept across the smooth wooden deck. Hook took a slow step toward his hostage.

“Come into my chamber, child.”

Hook said silkily. Ginny could hardly breathe, let alone move. Something in Hook’s fathomless eyes changed. They looked less thoughtful and more cold.


Hook sneered. His pale, thin lips stretched tightly over the pirate’s stained teeth. A small mousey man rushed forward, his light brown hair was starting to bald.

“Yes, my captain?”

“Take this.... this little flower into the Captain’s quarters.”

Ginny was dragged by her upper arm and dragged into a small room at the back of the massive ship. Her cries were silenced with the slam of an ancient Oak door.

                              The group of pirates watched with anxiously as their leader paced the deck. Their eyes shined in the pale moonlight.

“Get back to work you worthless, simple worms!”

Hook had noticed the lack of movement. He stormed off as they jumped back to work. Hook swifty went below deck. All of the night’s new information was buzzing in his brain. He memorized everything of importance. For, he was a key player, but not the mastermind. This girl had made him remember his own childhood, as painful as it was. He could not stop the images from coming.

                               ‘In his mind’s eye he could see himself as a small boy, unwanted. His abusive father had hated him and his mother, but back then he was weak and powerless. He had been a skinny, pale, greasy lad, by the name of Severus.....
Severus had always been a melancholy child, preferring to mix potions and not to run around outside.’

                               Severus snarled and shook his head, he had gained control of his own thoughts finally. He grimaced heavily, and began walking in the upward direction of his cabin. Snape had a certain ginger to deal with, and question.

End Chapter 6.

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A Distant Fate Ch. 5  
12:29am 30/07/2009
A/n: I am making no money off of this.
These characters do not belong to me.
Now, for a surprise twist!

                               Chapter five: Ginny discovers

                                 Ginny Weasley was seven. Her dark red hair flowed a good bit past her slim shoulders. Light orange freckles were sprinkled across her sleight nose. Ginny had a rich and happy existence, but last summer something had happened that changed her young life forever. A thin boy with striking green eyes had climbed into her window. ‘Peter’ had taken her to Neverland for one amazing month, Ginny knew this because she had recalled everything, day for day. She had been having the time of her life, until homesickness overtook her. The youngest Weasley had returned home, telling Peter Pan to forget Ginny or ‘ginger-snap’ as he’d called her. Then she flew home. Much to her surprise and horror, less than one day had passed. No one had known she had gone.
                                That’s the thing about Neverland’s magic. Time was always altering, always stretching from none-existence to super accelerate, all in an instant, but only to suit Neverland’s desires. At this moment it only wanted to ensure Ginny would come back. Now, as this young girl sobbed, Neverland was working it’s magic, combining it with fate and destiny.  Ginny had left Peter, to come back to a home that didn’t miss her. Just when her entire being screamed to go to Neverland, there was a tapping on the door.
                                Molly Weasley entered on the third tap.

“Ginny? Are you in here... Ginny! What’s wrong dear?”

Molly sat beside her daughter. She grabbed Ginny by both shoulders.

“Ginny, tell me what’s the matter?”

“Oh mum, I went to Neverland!”

Molly’s face paled under her freckles.

“But, I thought they were all dead....!” Molly whispered

“You knew Peter!” Ginny screamed.

Molly thought for a moment.

“I don’t think we know the same person, the Peter I knew died before I went to Hogwarts forty years ago.” Mrs. Weasley finished with a bitter smile.

‘Molly was nine and a spitting image of Ginny. A young boy with auburn hair had flown in her window, claiming he had lost his shadow. She had given the boy a fake name, just to keep her family safe from this ‘loon’, as she had called him.
“Wendy....” she said, then to her surprise Peter took her to Neverland. Everything had gone well until a pirate had attacked their forest home. Peter had died in the flames, using all his power to send Molly back to her own world. Doing so, the former Pan had lost the chance to defend himself. The last image Molly had of Peter Pan was his body burning to a crisp, his screams had penetrated her dreams for many years.

“Go back to them Ginny, I’ll leave you alone now.”

Molly left swiftly. Ginny blinked owlishly, then began wishing with all her might that she was in Neverland. She thought so hard, her magic began seeping out of her like a bloody wound. Though, she did not see, an orb was forming at her core. It wrapped around her, something in the young girl’s mind shifted, and she shot up into the air. She fazed right through the ceiling. She went so fast, the very universe slipped past her rushing ears.
                                 Ginny hit the ground with a THUD! The air smelled salty. Her eyes peaked open. The red-head squealed in delight, until she realized she was on a pirate ship, surrounded by pirates. The ship of sea and cloud was half hidden in inky darkness. The deck was cut cleanly in two by shadow.

“What’s your name Lil’ girl?”

A pirate with silver spiked hair and an eye patch had spoken. Ginny thought hard.

“Jane....Jane Wilson.”

The sailor with one eye exposed, immediately turned to the bottom corner of the ship.

“Hullo Jane.” Hook said as he came out from the shadow.

End Chapter 3.

Nice twist eh?

Next time:
Chapter 6: The Story of Hook
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A Distant Fate Ch. 4  
11:13pm 28/07/2009
A/n: I do not own these characters or worlds.
Anyone digging? Tell me about it...
Now on.

                                   Chapter four: The Lost Boys

                      Peter and Rufeio stared at each other. Emerald to Black, his Sharingan had faded after Peter had surprised him. There was no malice or anger in this stare. Just a curiosity. A gut feeling, like they were destined to meet or like they could accomplish amazing feats together

“So.... Who else is here?” the former Uchilla questioned.

Peter laughed, then yelled at the top of his voice, green eyes sparkling.

“Get outta bed you lazy orphan maggots!”

The sound of creaking beds and slamming doors was deafening. A horde of young male voices rose to the heavens. Neverland itself awoke and stirred, the sun rising high, the birds singing.


A small mousey haired youth ran forward. He was the smallest boy, but was not bothered by it, or rather the magic of Neverland would not allow it.

“Lost Boys,” Peter paused, waiting for the catcalls to die down.

“This is Rufeio.”

Rufeio’s pale face grew slightly pink as all eyes turned upon him. The smallest boy stepped forward.

“I’m Matty, you hungry Rufeio?”

Rufeio nodded and began to follow Matty toward the center of the trees. Peter whispered near silent jokes behind Rufeio’s back, pretending to blush hard. The Forest shook with the Lost Boy’s mirth.
                          In the middle of the child tree homes stands a large, magical oak table. Pan and the Lost boys live here for a reason. Around the place the ancient oak tree had stood long ago. The table cut most of the room in half, at the lower end a kitchen was located. It was buried under an old log, hiding it from the skies. Peter sat at one end. Rufeio on his left and a bored looking dark-haired youth that went by James. James was the most recent Lost Boy, next to Rufeio. His sleek black hair was pulled back at the nape of his neck. Peter grinned at them both. James had a reserved look of disinterest, he picked at his pretend food.
                James sat at the great oak table, while it appeared that he was play eating like the rest of the lost boys, he was really watching Rufeio out of the corner of his eye. Something about the pale boy with red in his hair made James feel like they had met before. After several moments of pondering, James gasped, and before his eyes flashed a memory so deep, for a moment Neverland faded, he had been in a city. A huge city, all the dwellings were connected by wire. Back then he was not James, but Shikamaru Nara.   (Flashback!)
                        ‘Shikamaru did not have an unhappy life, he was just a bored child. He was eight and snoozing in the park. He had been thinking about the meaning of life, when unseen by him, an obsidian globe began rising out of his chest. Shikamaru’s eyes flew open. His pale hands groped at his quivering chest. The orb floated nose level with the frightened young man. Shikamaru could see deep in the orb’s reflection, it showed his own wide eyes. The extension of his being floated up and up. As if Shikamaru was bound by an invisible chain, he was lifted high in the sky past the second star on the left.’
                       Shikamaru flinched, “Huh?”
Peter was gazing curiously at the now sputtering James. Rufeio had not even batted an eyelid, but one thin eyebrow was arched.

End: Chapter 4

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Next time, Chapter Five: Ginny
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A Distant Fate Ch. 3  
01:33am 28/07/2009
A/n: None of these characters belong to me. Look at chapter one for more detail
Hope your enjoying so far! Now on.....

                 Chapter three: Neverland

                              Sasuke Uchilla hurt, all over. His legs shook in the tall, green grass. He had passing memories of his life as a Uchilla, as an academy ninja, but nothing was very clear, like it had occurred in a dream or in another life. Turning his head he tried to clear his foggy mind.

‘This is it’

The chance to start over, to forget the horror that had been plaguing his every hour. This was his chance to let go forever, to give up on revenge, to continue on with his existence. He really did not have a choice in the matter. Everything about Neverland made you heal, made you forget. He chose to start anew. Sasuke took a deep breath, exhaling the now faded memories.

“Now I must think up a name for myself...”

                              At that moment Sasuke gave up his Uchilla inheritance. A deep red orb was forming on his chest, then disconnected, floated high into the air. It went into Neverland itself, right into the very fabric of matter. Sasuke gasped, his eyes popping. The color of his eyes had become blood red, with one extra pupil in his right eye, taking the shape of a comma. His Sharingan** had awakened. What had happened, though the Uchilla had not known, was his pureblood power had been absorbed into Neverland’s vast network of magic and mystic. Bits of red shards began flying toward his limbs and his eyes. Sasuke had been rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. His once all raven hair had become intermitted with a deep shade of maroon.


He said with a smirk.* Rufeio took more uneasy steps. He began to circle the area like a lost animal. His new home was stunningly beautiful, the flowers were in bloom, the grass was kissed by the morning dew. The sun was just emerging shining throughout the island.

                           High in the trees there was what appeared to be crudely made huts. The whole area looked like a tree house advertisement, with little windows and slabs of wood that made doors. Snores from high above filled the wood. Even the mermaids in the lakes knew when the lost boys were asleep or awake. Rufeio took a large step, and misjudged the strength of the log he just stepped in. He went tumbled down to the soft soil with a Crunch!! Startled green eyes snapped open. Harry Potter was no longer four, he was eight and had no memory of his aunt, uncle, and cousin. All he knew now was that he was special. He could do things others could not, he could make things float, light fires, even harden his skin to resist a sword tip. Something deep inside him stirred. He thought back...(Flashback!!!)
                         ‘It was last year, he only knew because of the weather and because of the three inches he had grown since. He was in Hook’s ship, trying to defeat the fiend of the world, to stop the ever increasing raids. Harry ducked and jumped, evading Hook’s sword. The pirate snarled and looked down his crooked nose, down at this messy-haired menace some called a boy. He was fast, so fast that the pirate could not land a glancing blow. Hook grimaced and drew out a vile from his robes. He threw it at Harry’s feet, at this new Pan. It smashed, the glass melted instantly and Harry’s feet were now covered in green slop. Harry slid on the goop right toward Hook’s blade. The pirate grinned a nasty smile as he thrust toward Harry. But before the sword got within an inch of his skin, a hot round feeling began forming in his stomach. A golden orb had formed on his chest, then spread across his skin. The sword bounced off with a Clang! Harry moved his own dagger up toward Hook’s wrist, hence the name. Harry Potter no longer went by this name. He became known as Peter. Peter Pan.
                            Rufeio climbed swiftly off the ground, he dove under the nearest bush faster than eyesight could follow. His dark eyes probing for any sign of movement. They fell at the nearest tree house. It was bigger than the rest and higher in the tree-tops.
Silently Peter landed at Rufeio’s flank. Rufeio flinched and whirled around. Green eyes met black. Peter smiled, his emerald eyes sparkling.
“Hello. Who are you?”

Rufeio smirked with an air of cockiness.


He enunciated with his cold velvet voice. Peter Pan, formally known as Harry Potter smiled,

“I’m Peter. Welcome to Neverland!”

End Chapter 3

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Next time:
Chapter 4: The lost boys
*Sasuke will now be known as Rufeio(?) Is this spelled right?/        
** “Sharingan” is Sasuke’s kekki-genki or bloodline limit. For more info refer to the manga “Naruto” by Masashi Kishimoto.

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A Distant Fate Ch. 2  
01:32am 28/07/2009
A/n: For copyright info look at chapter one.
Now..... For chapter 2


                                          Chapter two: Sasuke decided

               It was the middle of summer and the Village Hidden in the Leaves was dry and warm. In the middle of town where the ruin lay, where the police had once ruled. The Uchilla District was still and mournful. An eight year old Sasuke stood in the middle of the dead street. He barely even blinked or took a breath.
A small voice in his head told him brooding was bad. Sasuke agreed. He should not do this, yet day after day he is drawn back to the spot where his life melted from him. The chalk outline of bodies had yet to be faded. The dark eyed youth wiped the sweat on his brow. A buzzing sound swept with the light summer wind. It’s melancholy melody filled the ears of the heir of fire. All of his misery floated to the front of his mind, the loss of his clan was more than devastating, it made him the most alone kid in the universe. As he looked at the now smokey blueish light bouncing off the sidewalk, for a fleeting instant he knew. To follow this light, that now was popping before his eyes, would solve everything. As weird as it may sound, it was a primal instinct, not to be ignored.
          A low voice whispered in the sunlight;

“You must think, no believe something happy, then you may be granted paradise and the right to be born again.”

 A being appeared, she was a fairy. Her hair was a glossy chocolate brown. Her grey eyes were heavy lidded, her cheekbones high. Her name was Bella. Bella’s clothes were more reveling than Tinkerbell’s, but Bella was not nearly as beautiful. Her small black tank had only one strap, and her black skirt was short and jagged. She wore no shoes. Sasuke stared at this tiny girl in disbelief.

“You are meant for great things. You must come with me...”

Bella’s voice was low and seductive.

“How?” the boy asked.

She looked annoyed, but in an attractive way.

“I already told you think happy thoughts.”

Sasuke’s eyes sank closed, he remembered when he had mastered his first fire jutsu*, just months ago. How Sasuke’s father had been so proud, even stating.....

“That’s my boy.”

Just as he had always wanted, the same as his older brother....


Sasuke yelled as he shot up ten feet off the ground. The gut feeling was so strong Sasuke was feeling a little ill. Everything began to blur as he followed the light up and up until it finally went black as Sasuke glided toward the horizon. Much to the shock of a whiskered blonde. In the darkness of his mind Sasuke came to the thought,

“This feels right.”

That was all his stressed mind needed as, Sasuke’s conscious slipped he felt the soft ground of leaves under his feet. His head felt so light it was as if it could just come off and drift away, just like the memories of pain. The young Uchilla smiled as he drifted off to sleep. He was not disturbed until the shine of light met his mind.

End: Chapter 2

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* Fireball ninja technique

Next: Chapter 3 Neverland  

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A Distant Fate Ch. 1  
01:25am 28/07/2009
A/n: Harry Potter Belongs to J.K. Rowling
Peter Pan belongs to Disney
Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
This is a work of fiction, I use the Characters to do my bidding. This is the ultimate epic crossover. With ninja skills and magic alike, without further ado....

Chapter one : Harry and the Fairy

                       Harry Potter had not had an easy life, that was apparent. Even at the age of two, Harry was lonely and miserable. The cupboard under the stairs were not the ideal place to grow up, and the young lad often cried while alone. On a slow raining morning, when Harry was four, he was gazing out the window with a misery that could be felt throughout the neighborhood of Privet Drive. The young Potter looked out into the picking up storm, when a low mournful buzzing sang in the small boy’s ears. Harry’s green eyes lost their sad look and now held small amount of fear. A dancing light jumped from wall to wall, with blue streaks flowing after it almost like smoke. What appeared to be a small lightning bug landed softly beside Harry.
                      His green eyes looked down carefully through the black rimmed glasses he wore and saw her for the first time. She was a fairy that was certain. The young Potter’s small mouth fell open as he exhaled a audible gasp. Her red hair was pulled tight against her tiny neck. All of her features were so small, but still beautiful. The fairy’s eyes were light brown with green in them. Her maroon dress was torn a bit but still fully covered her. Harry’s shock began to wear off and he began to feel curious. He knelt on the ground beside her slowly, like someone would do with a mean dog. Bit by bit, he knelt until he was sitting right next to her.

“What is your name?” The winged girl said.

“Harry, what’s yours?

“Hi Harry, I’m Tink or Tinkerbell.”

She smiled brightly, Harry could not help but to return it.

                      Tink had been cruising the orphanage circuit around London, looking for children who had been abandoned, who would not be missed if they were taken to her home. In reality she had ben looking for the chosen ones, the ones who would bring balance to her world. She had no luck until she decided to leave London. Tinkerbell had just began flying south from the city when she felt a wave-like, crushing sensation. The feeling of despair was so great the very air grew thick with it. Tink almost fell out off the sky when the crash hit her heart. It was a child, she knew, and very important if you believe in fate. Tink closed her small hazel eyes and relaxed her worried mind. She began digging, reaching for the source of such sadness. The fairy tuned out every adult mind she came across.
“Grown ups....Always full of misery....”

Tinkerbell’s brain tuned into an area in Britain know as Little Whinging, Surrey.
                         Green eyes gazed into hazel.
“So, Harry.... Why are you so sad?”

Harry paused....

“I don’t have anyone, no one would care if I disappeared for ever and ever....”

That was exactly what Tink wanted to hear. She grinned and launched herself into the air. Tinkerbell swirled around Harry, covering him with golden dust.

“Come with me Harry. We will care for you, we will be your new family.”

Harry’s smile was so bright Tink closed her eyes for a beat, then she opened them quick, staring at Harry expectantly.

“Just toss open the window, and We’ll be long gone.”

Harry opened the window with no hesitation what so ever. Off the duo flew, to the land of lost little boys who never want to grow up.

End Chapter 1.

Some time passes.......

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